M-Biz Asia Co., Ltd. was established from the fundamental needs of serving local and international companies
 in Thailand with reliable products and services, handled by real professionals who truly understand the business  dynamics and who are by heart committed to serve.

 Since its official operations, the company has contributed large proportions of its resources in sorting, qualifying,  processing and delivering products and services that create true value to our Clients. Currently MBiz Group  represents over 250,000 items sorted from all over the world, serving hundreds of invaluable customers in
 Thailand  and Asia.

   MBiz Industrial Services
   Complete Industrial Tools & Supplies
   Tubing & Piping Technologies
   Maintenance Solutions

   MBiz Consulting
   Corporate Communications
   Event Marketing Strategies
   PR & Media Strategies
   Consumer Research

   MBiz Media
   Public Relations
   Event Management
   Exhibition Management
   Multimedia Production

MBiz Asia strives to be a dynamic, successful customer-oriented company able to satisfy the special needs of its clients at any time they require, in any way they require it.

- Our customers will be provided with products and   services which will meet their desired performance   qualifications
- Our customers will receive their needs when they   say they want it.
- Our customers will always get the best value for   money services for any of their needs
- Our customers will have their needs and special   concerns handled quickly, efficiently and cheerfully
- Our customers will always have a friendly, helpful,   service-oriented person to talk to at any time, for   any reason
- Our customers will always have a solid, dependable   and loyal supplier of their product needs to ensure   their continued success and business

It is our mission to help our clients maintaining successful businesses by fulfilling their requirements on time and to their exact specifications.

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